Honeywell 5800 Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector

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The Honeywell 5808W3 is a wireless heat and smoke detector. The 5808W3 utilizes a photoelectric smoke chamber for smoke protection as well as a temperature sensor that can detect high temperatures (135° F) and low temperatures (41° F).

When the 5808W3 wireless heat and smoke detector is first powered up, the red and green LEDs will blink simultaneously once every (5) seconds for approximately (20) seconds. After the power-up sequence is over, the smoke detector's green LED will blink once every (10) seconds to indicate normal functionality. If the detector needs to be cleaned or replaced, the red LED will blink once every (5) seconds. When an alarm is triggered by the presence of smoke, the red LED blinks once per second. When an alarm is triggered by a thermal condition (greater than 135° F temperature) the red LED blinks every (4) seconds. If a freeze condition is detected (less than 41° F), the red LED will blink once every (10) seconds. Finally, if a low battery condition is detected, the red LED blinks once every (45) seconds until you are able to replace the battery.

The Honeywell 5808W3 has a built-in sounder (85 dBa @ 10') that will be triggered by a smoke or thermal alarm. The built-in sounder and the security system's siren will both use temporal pulse sounding to indicate a smoke or fire emergency. You will be able to differentiate between a burglary alarm and a fire alarm because the fire alarm will pulse 3 times then pause while the burglar alarm will be a more steady siren. Smoke and heat detection will be turned on by default once you program the 5808W3 to your wireless security system. If you want to use the optional low temperature detection, you must program a separate wireless zone using loop 3.

You can use the test button located on the smoke detector head next to the red and green LEDs, to test the 5808W3. If you press and hold the test switch for (5) seconds an alarm will be sent to the security system. The test switch can also be used to silence the piezoelectric horn for (5) minutes during an alarm condition.