$25.00 Per Month GSM Cellular Alarm Monitoring - Burglar, Flood, Fire and Smoke Detection Included...No Phone Line Required

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No Contract Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring every situation. Nationwide. 24x7

Free System Phone Support 

Cellular Alarm Monitoring.  No phone line is required. Rate is $25 per month tax included. No activation fee. Customer will be billed direct annually each billing cycle. Customer is responsible for running alarm testing periodically, updating contact information when needed by email, and for any false alarms and/or false alarm fees issued by the customers local municipalities.

TVS, in partnership with Security Central Monitoring Services, provides the most reliable and secure central station monitoring in the industry by offering the redundancy of 3 networked and load balanced monitoring facilities. TVS will monitor unlimited zones so you can be sure your family and property are safe and protected at all times while making you eligible for a homeowner’s insurance discount which can at times even cover the cost of your monitoring service all together. All of our UL Listed Central Station plans connect your system to a live operator 24/7 who can call the proper authorities for dispatching in case of a confirmed break-in, fire, or any other type of emergency. TVS is always there when you need us and best of all, we have free tech support, no contracts, and no hidden charges!